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Baby Furniture Shopping Guide

Having a baby is one of the most exciting and life-changing adventures you may experience. Whether you’re preparing your baby room in advance or you already have your bundle of joy and need things as soon as possible, you’ll need a few ideas and tips to get you started on your shopping so you won’t be overwhelmed with the assortment of baby furniture available out there.

If you’re working with a tight budget, then you must decide first off which furniture you need to have. If you go to a store without much of an idea what is really essential, then you may find that all of the things that a salesman will show you are must-haves, even though you could do without some of them.

Although you may not use it right away, a baby crib is an essential buy. Your baby can sleep in it, learn how to crawl, stand, and walk in it without you worrying as much about safety. The government has safety requirements for cribs so even a low-cost one, when assembled and used properly, may be a safe haven for your little one. However, make sure you are getting more for your money. There are cribs that can be turned into toddler beds for when your baby is older. This way, your child will be able to use it for a longer period of time. Make sure there’s no gap between the mattress and the sides. You can get a bassinet which you can also use when you need to travel or you can just get a portable crib. Either way, you are assured that your baby sleeps in safety wherever you go.

Another piece of furniture that you may want to have is a changing table. Ensure that the one you get has safety straps. You can get a standalone changing table or one that has storage room underneath so that everything you need to tend to your baby is within reach. You can adjust the changing table so that it becomes a night stand, once the baby is out of diapers.

Storage capacity is always an essential in a baby’s room. Aside from a changing table with storage room, you can also get a chest of drawers and an armoire. Check to make sure that the drawers slide with ease or that the armoire’s doors can be opened easily enough.

You need a comfortable place to feed or put your little one to sleep so you can opt to get a rocking chair or a glider. It’s advisable to wait until the baby is born before buying one. Rocking to sleep doesn’t work for all babies so you may just want to make sure first. A glider may still be used when the child is older as you can read and tell stories on it. However, when your baby is older, you may need a high chair to make feeding times more comfortable for you and enjoyable for the baby. Make sure that you get one that has a wide base to lessen the chances of tipping.

As for nursery accessories, you can get a baby monitor so that you can go about doing chores around the house and you’ll still be able to hear what goes on in your child’s room. A night light will make feeding or changing diapers at night a whole lot easier and a diaper pail with a lid will make your nursery clean and hygienic.

Now that you have several ideas of what you need for the nursery, it’s time to do your shopping. Remember: Do not sacrifice safety and quality just because you can get something at a low price. There are furniture stores who can give you all those and even more.

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