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Accent Tables

Accent Tables at - Flaunt Your Style with Our Stylish Accent Tables!

At Wholesale Furniture Brokers, you can find all sorts of functional accent tables and plant stands that are well within your budget. An accent table gives you an added grace and style that will make your home a more delightful place. Even if you have kids around the house, you can definitely find a sturdy and child-friendly accent table that you will feel confident to have in your living room. Some of our accent tables are also perfect to use in office lounges for that added touch of style!

Our accent tables display lovely designs from different eras that allow you to choose any theme that matches your home decor. You can opt for the classical elegance of traditional design or you can choose the simple sophistication of contemporary and modern styles. Find accent tables and plant stands that are made of wood, metal, or glass according to your desired style. With the abundance of designs to choose from, you will definitely find what you need. You can also find more accent furniture to help you complete the stylish look and feel in your home.

Shop at Wholesale Furniture Brokers and get your pedestal accent tables at very low prices! You will not have to pay sales tax when you order online at All accent tables from Powell Company will be delivered to your door for FREE! Add coffee tables, cocktail tables, and end tables to your set from our growing occasional table collection. Call us toll free at 866-595-8930 for help customizing and ordering your new accent tables.

Questions & Answers

Does the Burton Black and White coffee table by Armen living have matching end tables? If so where can I see/find them? Asked by Donald
I have checked with Armen Living and they do not offer matching end tables for this product. You can always contact our Sales Department at 1-866-595-8930 or 1-800-971-4493 for assistance in finding something that would compliment this lovely piece. Wendy J. from WFB

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Make Your Accent Tables a Family Treasure!

If you want to make your accent tables last, you must make an effort to take good care of them. Accent tables, especially if it's made of wood, should not be in contact with your walls to avoid scratching its finish. You may want to use coasters to help protect the top of your accent table from getting wet from spills.

For accent tables with leather upholstery, it is advisable to clean them regularly and recondition the leather to avoid drying or cracking. For glass top accent tables, try to avoid putting heavy items on the surface to prevent chipping or breaking of the glass. You can use a glass cleaner or mild detergent to wipe the surface of your table.

Clean and well-maintained furniture gives a feeling of warm welcome and a relaxing ambiance to you and your guests in your home. You will also get an elegant family heirloom that you can hand over to the next generation! Browse our main occasional tables gallery for more choices!